Wednesday, 29 May 2024

2 Times You May Want an Expert Witness


A court case is never something you look forward to being involved in. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to defend yourself and your actions before a judge. When it comes to mounting a solid case, you may want to present expert witness testimony. These are professionals in various fields that you hire to help your case. There are many times when your case’s outcome may depend on what the expert says in court. Learn about two instances where you may want to spend the money to hire an expert.

  1. Divorce Court

A divorce may seem an unlikely instance where an expert would be needed, but this is not the case. Divorces get heated when it comes to dividing finances and awarding child custody. An expert witness finance and a child psychologist may be two professionals whose opinions on these matters will hold sway with a judge. In fact, the use of experts in divorce may reduce the chance that you will need to go all the way to court. Sometimes the other party needs to read the expert’s findings before agreeing to settle.

  1. Criminal Proceedings

Criminal court can be a scary place to find yourself. If you are arrested and booked with criminal charges, you want to put on the best defense case possible. This often involves hiring expert witnesses to testify as to the elements of the case, either the police messed up or that the facts of the crime are not possible. You can hire former police officers and even prosecutors who may review the procedural evidence and testify as to how constitutional the arrest was. Likewise, you may hire a forensics expert to show how the crime could not have happened as prosecutors have presented it.

The use of expert testimony is becoming more widespread in courts across the country. People placed in court proceedings, especially when they are in the right, find that these professionals can make their case.