The Internet Is Endlessly Roasting Fergie After She Sang The National Anthem At The NBA All-Star Game

During all sporting events, someone is always asked to sing the National Anthem before the players take to the court/field/arena. During everyday sporting events that aren’t a big deal, we see smaller acts, names, and sometimes even kids performing the song of our nation. But, when it’s a special event–like the Super Bowl, the World Series, or All-Star Games, they pull out the big names to sing to us. This year, for the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, singer and former Black-Eyed Peas group member Fergie was asked to sing the National Anthem. And, it was…different.

Fergie decided to take the classic tune and make it her own by slowing it down a bit and exaggerating some of the notes. After she performed it (and during) people on the court, announcing the show, and everyone on Twitter could not stop dragging her. It was different, for sure, but it seems as though America doesn’t “like” different (although, there’s no one more “different” than Trump).

If I were sitting at a coffee shop smoking a cigarette and reading Charles Bukowski, maybe this would work for me. At the NBA All-Star Game, most definitely not. Everyone on Twitter was having a field day with this one, folks.