Tristan Thompson Stormed Out Of An Interview After Reporter Asked Him A ‘F**ked Up’ Question

Tristan Thompson loves to get himself into hot water it seems–both on and off the basketball court.

After becoming one of the most well known NBA names amongst women who follow the Kardashians, he made a lot of enemies when he decided to cheat on his pregnant girlfriend–Khloé Kardashian. After videos leaked of the basketball player hooking up with two girls in a club, fans were pretty much anti-Tristan.

But, basketball players also had some beef with the athlete who was playing like pretty much garbage throughout the season. While his team may be in the NBA Finals this year, he’s letting the heat get to him–like, by slamming a basketball into another player’s head. Now, he’s walking out of interviews rather aggressively.

During an interview after his Game 2 loss, Thompson was asked if he felt helpless guarding Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. But, Thompson didn’t like the notion that he’s “helpless” against Curry. And, he responded:

No, the f**k. No? We did a good job. I mean, I’m switching on him, I’m guarding him. I am never helpless with no guy in the NBA. F**k that. F**ked up sh*t.

And, he stormed off.

And, let the trolling begin!

Tristan Thompson stays taking the most L’s in 2018. Ouch.