Man Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 14-Year-Old Girl, Will Serve No Time In Prison

A former Virginia high school student who plead guilty to sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl was sentenced to no active prison time on Wednesday, according to reports.

19-year-old Logan Michael Osborn plead guilty in September to having carnal knowledge of the girl and, at the time, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. However, Chesterfield Circuit Court Judge T.J. Hauler pushed the case off for two years, wanting to go over the details further. On Wednesday, Hauler decided to withdraw the original sentence.

According to the case, Osborn sexually assaulted the 14-year-old girl after attending a school play together at Cosby High School. Prosecutors stated in court that Osborn had the girl go on a walk with him towards a path and became aggressive when reaching the end of the path.

Osborn then forced the 14-year-old onto her knees and tied a belt around her neck and hands before sexually assaulting her. The girl’s mother picked her up from the school following the attack. She had informed her mother of what had happened on the drive home.

Additionally, Osborn had a history with sexual assault. According to documents, he was charged with grabbing a student’s genitals at 12-years-old. Girls had also accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior on multiple occasions.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Evan Nelson testified in court that Osborn has a “moderately high risk” of assaulting women again, based on standardized tests.

And, yet, the judge did not budge on prison time served, at all.

Chesterfield prosecutor Erin Barr told the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

“The family is disappointed that the defendant will not serve any active incarceration for the brutal attack on the victim. They do not believe justice has been served and shared concern for community safety and future potential victims.”

According to the Times-Dispatch, Osborn will have to register as a sex offender and has lost a scholarship for wrestling to the University of Mary Washington.

Twitter, however, is outraged to learn that the man will serve no time in prison after he plead guilty to the heinous crime. Additionally, they are calling for the judge who oversaw this case to step down.

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