Unhinged Woman Screams Racial Slurs At Hispanic Worker And Throws Scalding Coffee At His Face

Another day, another horrifically racist incident caught on tape.

Last Saturday, Aug. 4, a man hired as a contractor to do work at an upscale apartment complex in Los Angeles’ Century City was assaulted by a resident of the building.

Miguel Sanchez and a coworker arrived at the building to do some work when they were confronted by a screeching woman with two small dogs who he said physically blocked the pair from entering. She then threw scalding hot coffee at them.

“She was calling us wetbacks, and that we were probably there to steal stuff,” Sanchez told KTLA. “After all those racial comments on us, I got my phone out and started recording.”

In the video, Sanchez is heard saying, “There’s a lady being super racist and crazy right now. She doesn’t let us in. We work here.” The men pull out the unit keys and garage remote lent to them by the owner as evidence of their employment, but this only served to stoke the woman’s fury.

“She took two steps forward and she threw the coffee directly at my face,” Sanchez said.

LAPD responded to the scene and noted that Sanchez’ face was still bright red, but as they didn’t directly witness the incident, told the contractor it was his responsibility to request an arrest.

Sanchez, afraid doing so would impact his relationship with his employer, decided against taking legal action.

Though the woman won’t be facing any judicial consequences, she sure isn’t protected from the disdain of thousands across social media who witnessed her behavior in Sanchez’ video.

“I can make a difference in this world, knowing that if I act like this, maybe it will make others think that we’re not so bad, just the color my skin or the job that I do,” he said. Watch the interaction below, via KTLA.

h/t KTLA