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Month: November 2020

How Golf Carts Differ from Low-Speed Vehicles?

Mostly, people consider a golf cart and other low-speed vehicles to be same, but there are quite a few differences between them. Before we discuss their differences, you must understand that any golf cart can easily be converted and used as a low-speed vehicle. Quite often how to ship a golf cart becomes an issue […]

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Tesla’s Revenue from Battery innovation

Battery innovation the two biggest factors hampering the mass adoption of BEV are range limits and high battery costs. In this regard, there are promising prospects for advancements in battery technology that will continue to improve range performance and reduce costs. The original acid-based electric car battery was very heavy, with a limited range of […]

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How To Take Care Of Your Electronics

Technology has rooted itself into all of our lives. Most people have a cell phone, or smartphone that they use to keep schedules, make calls, play apps, and control other devices within their home. Whether it be a cell phone, a video gaming system, or a television, here are some tips to keep your electronics […]

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