Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Month: December 2020

Handling Winter Weather in an Older Home

There are plenty of benefits of buying an older home. They have plenty of charm and character, and you can often find a better deal on a fixer-upper. However, there are some challenges that come with this type of purchase. One example is winter weather; older homes tend to favor cold weather less than newer […]

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Caring for Your Heirloom Jewelry Across the Years

Owning heirloom jewelry can be exciting and anxiety-provoking all at once. Some pieces look extremely fragile and may seem difficult to clean. Whether someone gifted you the new accessory or you purchased it, knowing how to best look after your jewelry will keep it (and you) looking good for years to come. Know What Your […]

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Four Helpful Tips to Save Money on Bar Nights

Going out to bars can be quite expensive and if you are on a tight budget, this can mean compromising on some experiences. However, your visit to the bar does not have to mean you lose your rental budget. There are ways to keep a night at the bar from becoming a bank-breaking exercise. Below […]

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Boating Can Make You Happy

If you’ve ever been boating, you may remember how happy or peaceful you felt. You are not alone. Many people feel less anxiety and more enjoyment while on a boat. Even science backs up this point of view. Here are a few thoughts on why boating is a good thing to do. Get Away From […]

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