Monday, 22 Apr 2024

3 Incredible Changes Breast Reduction will Bring to Your Life

Having large breasts is a boon and a curse at the same time. While it increases the appeal in the women’s personality, it causes a lot of problems too.


Breasts that are larger than normal are difficult to manage and the woman having them feel like hiding them from the world rather than showing them off.

Being excessively weighty they also cause discomfort to the woman further causing pain in neck and back.

Also as the big-breasted woman is glanced with various feelings, she feels embarrassed and uncomfortable, and is quite stressed out instead of being proud of her big boobs.

If you’re going through the same pain, don’t worry. You can now meet the most trusted breast reduction surgeon like PCLS Coffs Harbour and get rid of those large breasts of yours.

But before that, you may like to know something about the procedure. Here are some facts.

1. Your Nipples will Dramatically Change

Be prepared to see totally changed nipples. Actually, changed nipples might confuse you even more than the reduced size of your breasts.

You may be warned before surgery that you might lose the sensation of nipples at all after surgery. This is because so many nerves are cut in the process. You may regain the sensation after months.

You may even have oversensitivity after the procedure, which is normal for 6 to 8 weeks.

Some patients may feel overly or less sensitive for the rest of their lives, whereas some patients are fortunate enough not to experience this.

2. It will Change the Way You Exercise

You’ll be amazed to experience the ease with which you can work out after your procedure.

As a big-breasted woman, you might be used to wearing 2-3 bras, i.e. one normal bra and 2 sports bras etc., while exercising, so as to keep your boobs well-hidden.

Well, just after you undergo the surgery, you’ll have to stay away from exercise for at least three weeks as instructed by your surgeon.

After that period, when you’ll start exercising again, you’ll be amazed to see that your boobs don’t move even without wearing a regular bra under the sports bra.

You’ll find the feeling incredible of being able to make all the movements, even jump and lift weights, while wearing only a sports bra!


3. Your Results won’t Look Like Breast Implants

If you’re thinking that your breasts will look as if you’re having implants, you’re wrong. Many women think this way, but it’s not correct.

Breast reduction surgery or even the best mummy make over surgery in Armidale leaves scars, whereas women who get breast implants don’t get visible scars.

So, be prepared to have scars and have a different looking body.

In other words, implants are made to look as symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing as possible, whereas breast reduction is a bit harder as your doctor will not only cut you open, but also cut off skin tissue and move your nipples up.

Thus, breasts after reduction won’t look asymmetrical or sloppy, albeit they would be a bit boxy just after the procedure. Your bra will do the job of reshaping them to the normal rounded shape.

All in all, breast reduction will bring a great change in your life with which you’ll feel excited, pleased and enthralled. Enjoy the results!