Friday, 19 Jul 2024

3 Light Bulb Options for Residential Exterior Lights

To brighten the exterior of your home, you will want to place beautiful exterior light fixtures in all of the critical areas on and around your house. These can include entrances, garage door openings, stairs and pathways. Garden areas may also require exterior lights to extend the space’s use into the evening hours. However, the external light fixtures you choose will need some light bulbs to function. Three light bulb options work well for use in exterior light fixtures.


For people choosing exterior lighting Tampa, many favor LED bulbs. LED, or light-emitting diode, light bulbs remain popular for several reasons. Primarily, they bring excellent energy efficiency to lighting tasks, which helps reduce the cost of running the light. In addition, unlike other light bulbs, LED bulbs do not produce heat when lighting up your home’s exterior, which can be important for safety reasons if flammable materials exist nearby. Furthermore, LED light bulbs can be placed in most lighting fixtures, making for greater flexibility in use.


CFL, or compact fluorescent lamps, offer a bright lighting option for many exterior lighting situations. Utilizing a phosphors mixture that resides inside the light bulb body to produce the light, CFL bulbs remain a popular lighting choice. Homeowners benefit from CFL light bulb use because they require less electricity to operate than incandescent bulbs, which helps reduce the amount spent on energy costs. Moreover, many exterior lighting options work well with CFL light bulbs.


A wire filament resides inside incandescent light bulbs, and when heated, the filament produces light. The benefits of incandescent bulbs include bright light production and a lower initial purchase cost than other bulb options. Incandescent bulbs can also work on dimmers, making them flexible for exterior lighting use. However, they do cost more to run than other lighting options because of lower energy efficiency, and they produce heat, which may not be optimal in warmer times of the year.

You can visit a lighting store to see all the exterior lighting options and check the packaging for specific light bulb recommendations for the fixtures you select.