Friday, 19 Jul 2024

3 of the Best Reasons To Make Learning French a Top Hobby This Year

If you love the idea of expanding your cultural horizons, learning the language of some of the world’s best literature and being able to communicate with millions of people around the world, you might have considered working French intensive workshops into your schedule. French is a classic second-language choice for  a reason: between its rich history, its unique cultural ties and its professional opportunities, it has something to offer every language learner. Here are a handful of the best reasons picking up French could be a great hobby to get into this year.

  1. You’ll Understand Culinary Terms Better

Because of France’s rich culinary heritage, learning French could potentially make you more adept in the kitchen, too! Many culinary terms come from French, and so having a little know-how in the language could help you out when you’re cooking or baking at home.

  1. It Could Provide Interesting and Fruitful Professional Opportunities

Sometimes more than any other skill, employers today say that candidates who know another language often rise to the top of the list. Knowing French, a global language with about 275 million speakers around the world, could potentially provide you fascinating new professional opportunities. It could not only give you a leg up in your current workplace, but could prove fruitful for international opportunities as well.

  1. It Has Deep Connections to Rich, Diverse Cultures

Many countries around the world today are Francophone, so learning French can open up countless cultural doors for you. Whether you’re interested in the history of French art or the African Francophone world, understanding French gives you the chance to learn about the many different facets of culture linked to this unique language.

Learning French has boundless opportunities to offer just about everyone, whether you’re interested in cuisine, history and culture, politics and more. Though learning a second language can take some time and effort, studying French this year and making learning this beautiful language a new hobby can more than pay off in the end!