Friday, 19 Jul 2024

3 Things To Consider When Formalizing a Separation

After years of trying to make things work, some couples need a break. Being apart is a chance to reflect on how life has changed and how you both have evolved over the years, possibly finding new paths and interests. While this separation could be beneficial for many people in the family, both emotionally and physically, it should be done with great care. Couples should work with a professional attorney to create an organized plan that outlines each person’s roles and responsibilities. The following are three things to consider.

  1. Property Division

Your lawyer can advise you about how to officially prepare papers that satisfy the law’s codes and make the division a bit easier. This begins by being very clear about how has control of the property. One person is likely moving to a new residence. The other partner is assuming control of a home that previously belonged to you both. Be clear about who has what and how you each may enter and use the premises.

  1. Custody

Children are caught in the middle, and they, too, are learning to live differently. Be respectful of their emotions, and plan to include both parents in their lives. Work out a set schedule in your separation agreement Tampa for each adult to see the kids. Stick to this as much as possible. Consistency with this may make the younger ones feel more comfortable about the split and loss of time.

  1. Money

If you have joint accounts or credit cards, discuss how bills are going to be handled. Is one spouse providing income to the other? Is money going to be given to assist with child support? Note these now to avoid arguments about payments down the road. You may also consider creating new credit and bank accounts to separate assets.

A new start may be a breath of fresh air, allowing you to release some tension and frustration. It won’t be easy, though. To aid in the process, be considerate and work with specialists to plan out as many details as possible.