Sunday, 16 Jun 2024

3 Things To Consider When Keeping Horses

Owning a horse is a rewarding experience that comes with a lot of work. In part due to their larger size, there are things to acknowledge that differ from keeping a cat or dog. Here are three things to consider when keeping horses.

  1. Where To House Them

Horses require shelter and room to roam around, and these naturally social animals usually do better if they are around other horses. This can be provided if you have the resources to keep more than one horse, or you can choose to house your horse at a common stable used by other families. This is a particularly good option if you do not have a lot of space at home. 

  1. How To Provide Exercise

Allowing your horses to roam and graze is one of the best ways to provide them with exercise. Other options include leading them around by hand, riding them on a trail or riding them through a course with horse jump accessories. Most veterinarians recommend that horses get four to five hours of exercise per week, but this varies by individual horse. 

  1. Who To Choose for Veterinary Care

You want a vet who cares just as much about your horse and its health as you do, so choosing a vet who you trust is important. Some steps to take when deciding on a vet include:

  • Asking other local horse owners for recommendations
  • Meeting local vets and touring their facilities, asking questions such as how they deal with emergencies and how far in advance do you need to make routine appointments
  • Allowing the horse to interact with the vet to make sure they are a good fit

Choosing a vet carefully will allow you piece of mind during the course of your horse’s life. 

Consider these three things if you are looking to get a horse.