Saturday, 19 Jun 2021

3 Tips for Talking to Children About Alcohol Use

Talking to children about difficult topics like alcohol use can make some parents uncomfortable. However, it is important that children feel safe discussing things like alcohol use with their parents.

  1. Start Early

Opening channels of communication early in the child’s life is a good way to ensure the child receives the right information in the correct way before they can learn it elsewhere. Young children can be told basic information, like what alcohol is and that it is only meant to be consumed by adults.

  1. Be Open to Questions

Most children are naturally curious about almost everything they encounter. It is very likely that they will have questions, especially as they get older and they are more exposed to media depictions and peer discussions about alcohol. Answer all their questions honestly, while remaining age-appropriate. Let them know how the family feels about drinking and what is expected of them. They should be informed that choosing to drink excessively can harm their minds and bodies, and may lead to legal trouble, resulting in expensive bail bonds near me Allentown PA, jail time and court fees.

  1. Remain Honest

Lying about serious topics can permanently damage the parent’s relationship with their children. If children ask about sensitive topics, like a parent’s history or if any family members have ever suffered from alcohol addiction, then they should be told the truth. While discussing a family history of alcohol abuse can be difficult, children need to know if they are at risk for developing an addiction and what effect it can have on them and their loved ones.

Fostering a trusting relationship from early childhood onwards will help parents better guide their children as they navigate through difficult issues, Helping children understand how to make good decisions is an excellent way of ensuring that they will be able to better withstand peer pressure and resist temptation throughout their lives.