Friday, 19 Jul 2024

3 Uses of Photography

Photography involves using film or digitization to create a still image of a moment in time. Photography started in the first half of the 19th century, with the early process of taking and developing photographs being quite difficult and expensive. Today, people can quickly and easily take photos with a digital camera or smartphone, although some photographers choose to still use film. Here are three of the uses of photography. 

  1. To Communicate

Photography, like theater, painting, or sculpture, is a form of self-expression used to create an emotion or tell a story. For example, somebody who takes pictures while on vacation tells the story of their travels and which locations inspired them so much that they wanted a visual memory of the spot. Somebody who takes pictures of the stars and other elements common in night photography Cape Cod might be trying to create emotions of awe and entrancement in their viewers. 

  1. To Help Solve Crimes

Crime scene photography assists with solving crimes because it visually documents what happened at the scene of a home break-in, robbery, murder, or another type of property or violent crime. Crime scenes need to be cleaned up once physical evidence such as fingerprints and DNA are gathered, so photos are extremely helpful in case anything about the crime comes up later and the scene needs to be reviewed. 

  1. To Document History

Photographs show what people wore, what kind of houses they lived in, what types of cars they drove, and what sorts of places they shopped at during a certain point in time. In addition to documenting how ordinary people lived, photography is very useful for showing people in the future what historical events such as wars were like. 

Consider photography as a hobby or career if you are interested in any of these three uses.