Friday, 19 Jul 2024

3 Ways To Make Your Office Feel Like Home

If you work from an office full-time, chances are you spend more time at your desk looking at your office surroundings than you spend at home. Productivity levels are closely tied to having a working space that feels as comfortable as possible without hindering any of your job duties. For example, if you work as a receptionist there is not much to be done about an incessantly ringing phone but you may be able to do other things to make your space more enjoyable. Here are three ways to make your office feel like home. 

  1. Prioritize Privacy

Ensuring privacy and quiet is important to be able to do your job well, and if you work with sensitive information having a private place to work is even more essential. If you are unable to have a private office, see if pre owned cubicles with high walls blocking you from the sounds and gazes of others are an option. 

  1. Consider Plants

If you are permitted to have one, keeping a plant in your workspace can reduce stress levels and boost your memory and attention span. Look for plants that are easy to take care of and require low levels of natural light if your desk is not located near a window. If you are not able to have a live plant, artificial plants provide many of the same benefits and require none of the care or cleaning. 

  1. Purchase a Comfortable Chair

If you sit for long periods of time, a comfortable chair that is adjusted to the correct height can save you from having neck and back problems in the future. Your company may be willing to purchase the chair for you, but it is beneficial to go to the store and test some chairs before buying. 

Here are three ways to make your office space more comfortable and enjoyable.