Monday, 22 Jul 2024

3 Wearable Crafts to Make With Feathers

Feathers add a lovely natural element to nearly any kind of art. Dozens of different types of feathers are available commercially, each lending themselves well to a wide variety of projects. Duck or turkey quills are excellent for large-scale projects, rooster feathers are nice for wispy elements and peacock or ostrich feathers add a touch of the exotic. Here are a few ways to use feathers in your next craft.

Feather Jewelry

Small to medium feathers lend themselves well to earrings, brooches or necklace pendants. If they’re not already colored, they can easily be dyed or painted with different designs to add interest. Various types of feathers can be grouped together for contrast. Some feathers (like peacock feathers) work marvelously as-is, or paired with beads or wire shapes to add interest.

Feather Clothing Accents

Some feathers can be purchased already strung or sewn onto a trim that can easily be applied to dresses, tops or even shoes. Dyed feathers are really lovely here, since you can choose a matching or contrasting color for your project, depending on the desired effect. A few stitches or dabs of glue are all it takes to turn your plain garb into something eye-catching.

Feather Hairpieces

Groups of feathers can be fixed to headbands or clips for a bit of whimsy. Naturally iridescent feathers are particularly good choices for this application. Small jewels, rhinestones or shiny beads pair well with feathers in this context, adding an extra sparkle to the natural beauty.

Whether you choose oversized ostrich feathers, slender poultry feathers or simple quills, feathers are a lovely accent for your crafts. Their natural beauty is virtually unparalleled, yet they pair splendidly with nearly any other artistic element. Plain, dyed or painted, no matter how you use them, feathers are the perfect addition to your next wearable art piece.