Monday, 22 Jul 2024

5 Ways To Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Business

The exterior of your company building could draw customers in or push them away. It makes the first impression on anyone passing by. A well-maintained, welcoming building front should be on your list of priorities when evaluating your business. Here are some ways to spruce up the outside of your building.

  1. Roof

Having a sturdy, quality roof is essential not only for exterior appearance but also for building protection and water damage prevention. If you need a new commercial roof St Louis, be sure to opt for high-quality materials.

  1. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way! You might be surprised at how this simple update can brighten the exterior of your building. A black or darker-hued color creates a bold statement and modern look, while a neutral shade portrays a timeless and traditional look.

  1. Landscaping

Often, landscaping can be overlooked, which can hurt the curb appeal of your building. Keep landscaping simple. Ensure the beds are weeded and mulched regularly and that the shrubs are trimmed frequently.

  1. Lights

Outdoor lighting is extremely important, especially if your business is open early or late. No one wants to walk into a poorly lit building. Focusing on the lighting in your parking lot and around the outside of the building adds safety and security.

  1. Sign

If a customer is visiting your company for the first time, he or she will more than likely rely heavily on a big, visible sign to help find the building. A large, easy-to-read sign in a convenient location is optimal. If you’re going to use a logo, make sure it is a well-known logo and that your company’s name is legible on the sign.

Your products and services draw customers in, but a poorly maintained building may lead customers away. Take pride in the exterior of your building. A few small changes can have a dramatic and lasting effect!