Friday, 19 Jul 2024

6 Tips for Keeping Away Termites

Don’t underestimate the destructive power of termites. They might literally eat your house out from under you before you even notice there’s a problem. Here are some things you can try to keep your property from turning into their 24-hour buffet. 

Don’t Use Mulch

As it locks in moisture, a variety of insects find mulch to be a very welcoming environment, termites included. If you’re using mulch to manage erosion or water drainage, think of switching to gravel instead. 

Avoid Wood Structures

Pick composite or other long-lasting materials when possible for constructing sheds, fences and porches. If you have your heart set on building with wood, leave a buffer of two inches or more so that the structures aren’t flush up against your house’s walls.

Keep Away Plants

Don’t put gardens or shrubs near your foundation, as fertilizer and moisture are attractive to termites. If you have trees, branches should be trimmed to keep them from hanging over your roof. 

Mix With Permethrin

While it doesn’t necessarily help with killing termites Pennsylvania, mixing permethrin into wall paint or concrete will make them think twice about entering your home. 

Pick Up Scraps

After construction, sometimes sheets of insulation, cardboard, plywood or two-by-fours get left on the lawn. These look like appetizers to termites. It’s best to throw it all in the dumpster as soon as possible.

Block off Holes

Whether it’s a rip in your screen door or a gap under a weather-warped door, termites will try to squeeze through it. If you notice that the seal on a window is leaky, you should give the edges a little extra chalking. 

Termite damage may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. While some preventative measures may seem like an unnecessary expense, they are far less than what you may end up paying out of pocket to reverse the destruction caused by an infestation.