Monday, 22 Apr 2024

A Complete Understanding on the best Engagement Rings

Have you decided to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Congratulations. The first step towards your engagement has been taken, but what next? And not unimportantly: which ring are you going to choose? It is not at all strange if you have no idea what kind of Cheap Engagement Rings you want to buy because it is secretly quite exciting, especially if you have never studied it before.

Listen to your partner

Even if you don’t know about it in the near future, every possible conversation about jewelry and especially rings will suddenly become a lot more interesting once you have decided to propose. Try to listen as closely as possible to what your partner says about the style of jewelry and their own likes and dislikes. This way it can become a lot clearer for you in which direction you can think for an engagement ring.

Ask for advice

You know your loved one like no other, but there may be other people around your partner who are familiar with his or her style. You can choose to confide in friends, girlfriends or certain family members of your prospect about your plans. You could possibly go to the jeweler together to view the offer.

Internet research is useful, but not the same as the real thing.

The internet offers a wealth of information about engagement rings and you can endlessly click through Pinterest for inspiring photos. It’s a good place to start your research into what’s possible, but be aware that a ring can look different in real life. Ultimately, it is best to see a ring in real life. The brilliance, the cut, the setting, the colors of the metal and the stones; these are all things you need to see in person to make a decision.

Engagement ring with stone

With an engagement ring with stone or diamond, there are a number of points that you should pay attention to. Namely: in what way is the diamond cut and what clarity and weight does the diamond have? In principle, the rule applies to the clarity of the diamond: the brighter the diamond, the higher the quality, the brilliance and the price. Because the brighter the diamond, the more it will shine. The weight of the diamond also plays a role in the price. A diamond can be cut in many ways. The way the diamond is cut is very important for the symmetry and brilliance of the stone.

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Determine the size

Very important: the size of the ring. Of course you want the ring to fit around the finger once you get down to your knees. There are several ways to find out. The safest way is to take a ring from your partner to the jeweler. If this is mission impossible, then you have to be creative. For example, you can take a print of the ring in a bar of soap to the jeweler or outline the inside of the ring with a pen on a piece of paper.

You Determine the Budget

The ‘rule’ that an engagement ring must cost at least two monthly salaries is rather outdated. The idea behind this is that the engagement ring was seen as a kind of financial security, because should the partner and the income disappear, the ring could be sold. Because such a thought is no longer of this time, you certainly do not have to get stuck on it. The point is that your partner likes the ring and enjoys wearing it. The emotional value is always greater than the financial value! So do not squeeze yourself into difficult corners to be able to buy that most expensive ring. The prize doesn’t guarantee happiness, you can.

Keep the delivery time in mind

Once you have selected an engagement ring, it can sometimes take several weeks for the jewelry to arrive. This is often the case because the ring has to be ordered and then specially made. So has that weekend in Paris already been booked? Then make sure you start your search on time!

Where can you buy a cheap engagement ring?

Like almost everything else, jewelry and diamond engagement rings are also available online today. Perhaps it is not the most romantic way, but ideal if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Online jewelry and diamonds shopping is therefore on the rise.

Which features can you save on?

You can achieve significant savings by opting for a diamond with a lower purity grade. The difference is hardly noticeable with the naked eye. It is important that the diamond is colorless. Good to know: a diamond set in white gold or platinum will shine even more beautifully. By choosing a slightly smaller diamond (e.g. 0.90 instead of the usual 1 carat) you also save about 30%.

What is the advantage of a non-traditional shape?

Choosing a solitaire engagement ring is not an absolute must. A ring with several smaller diamonds costs less than a ring with a single large diamond of the same carat weight. Our tip: opt for a halo setting where the central stone is surrounded by small diamonds. The optical effect makes the whole look bigger.

Buy a ring in the right color

Anyone who thinks that there are only gold engagement rings for sale today is wrong. You can also opt for a silver or red colored ring. Not sure which color to choose? Then take a good look at the jewelry that your loved one is wearing. If a color predominates here, the choice is not difficult. In that case, choose an engagement ring in the same color. In that case it must go very crazy if your loved one does not like the ring.

Diamond or gem

Most engagement rings contain a stone. Traditionally, people often opt for an engagement ring with a diamond. A diamond is the symbol of eternal fidelity. A nice gesture, but expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, you may not be able to afford a diamond engagement ring. No problem, because you can also opt for a ring with gemstone. These rings are usually considerably cheaper.