Friday, 19 Jul 2024

A Guide to Looking for Luxury Apartments in Virginia

Whether you’ve grown out of your 1-bedroom apartment or trying to find a comfortable place, finding a 2 bedroom luxury apartment in Virginia Beach, VA, can be a daunting task.

Deciding on a home or apartment is the most tedious process. Over sixty per cent of all shortlisted locations disappoint potential buyers because of floor plans. Others find amenities and preexisting furniture lacking.

With hectic schedules and busy lives, one needs to optimise their shortlisting process. Here are a few tips that can make your home-hunting adventure easier.

Benefits of Finding a Luxury Apartment in Virginia Beach

With a booming local economy and a plethora of recreational activities, Virginia Beach is one of the best residential communities. In terms of employment and education, Virginia Beach is relatively attractive.

Additionally, residents see one of the lowest tax rates in Hampton Roads. Apart from beaches, residents can also enjoy staying near beautiful mountains. Virginia Beach enjoys a moderate four-season climate and is a relatively affordable region for residents!

How to make Home-Hunting Easier?


One of the most crucial aspects of home-hunting is deciding on a reasonable budget. Over 30% of all potential buyers struggle with questioning whether the price of a property is beyond their means well after they fall in love with it. Setting a budget beforehand can prevent you from wasting time on properties beyond it.

Floor Plans

The general floor plan of an apartment or property is more important than many think. Visualising how your potential living space will look can help you decide whether the property is perfect for you.

Property websites online can help you access floor plans for their properties. While not all available 2 bedroom luxury apartments in Virginia Beach, VA, will have well-drawn floor plans, having them can make your selection process easier.

Furniture and Amenities

An apartment with furniture in place can help a potential buyer save time with interior planning and visualising. While it may cost a little more, it allows the buyer to move in immediately.

Before looking for such apartments, make a list of non-negotiables as well. This list should include amenities such as a park within the property or nearby. Swimming pools, extra storage space, and other indispensable amenities can also be a part of that list.

Spreadsheets and Grading

Looking at multiple properties can leave you confused about which ones are best. Creating a spreadsheet can help organise opinions (This can be helpful when more than one person is choosing). Using a grading system for different aspects of the property can also help you decide which property works best. For example, one can grade for ambience, floor plan, price, and amenities.

Photograph Everything!

While looking at properties, ensure that you click pictures of everything! These pictures should include the things you love, areas you find problematic and others. These pictures can help with the relative judgement of the property when you come back to decide on the best option.

Doing so means that comparing properties without physically revisiting them will be a less tedious task.


January and February are the best months to go home-hunting in Virginia. Almost all properties cost over 8.56% less in these months. While this may seem like a trivial statistic, it could be the difference between affording and letting go of your dream house.

Remember the Fundamentals

In pursuit of luxury amenities, many forget to look at the primary apartment amenities. Always check on heating and cooling systems, water provision systems, and pest issues. If the property is still attractive despite these issues, calculate repair costs as part of your budget.