Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

Best 5 heart shaped cakes to surprise your bestie on her birthday

Cakes are not only liked for their luxurious taste, but they also have aesthetic appeal. While succulent sweet cream and soft fluffy bread are the most attractive part of the cake and make quite an impact, the first impression is always the one that matters.

In the present day, cakes come in amazing taste, shape and size. They have evolved to be so notched that one bite is never enough. And with a special heart shaped cake for your special cake, leave no stone unturned to make any occasion filled with love. Here are some amazing heart shaped cakes to make your bestie feel special on her birthday.

Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake

The red color is always a symbol of eternal love and care and the beauty of the cake will fill your bestie’s heart with utmost joy and happiness. Do you know how this mouth-watering cake comes into existence? Let’s throw away this eye pleasing cake quickly. Red Velvet Cake is a red or maroon colored cake traditionally prepared with flour, cocoa, butter, buttermilk, beetroot or red food coloring and vinegar. It is a layered cake and has its roots in the United States. Food was served to soldiers during World War II. At that time, bakers use beet juice to beautify the color of their cakes.

Heart Touching Black Forest Cake

This delicious cake can really bring a bag of perfect happiness and sweetness on your best friend’s special occasion. It is time to celebrate any occasion with more color and charm with a special heart shaped Black Forest Cake. Express your love to your sweetest friend with a luscious heart shaped blackforest cake.

Heart Beating Vanilla Cake

The heart is where love dwells and in expressing the feelings of love, we often use the phrases: I have given my heart to you?, my heart belongs to you?, etc. Who said you can’t say it to your best friend? Wish her a happy birthday with a heartfelt quote and make her feel special. So, get your hands on this luscious cake and wish your best friend a happiest birthday.

Hearty Gems Cake

How about a heart shaped cake full of gems? Do you want to make your special feel loved and excited on a special occasion? Well, in such a case it is definitely a wonderful idea to order a delicious and romantic heart shaped cake for her. Send an online cake delivery in Patna, Gurgaon, Noida or wherever she resides and watch the smile go wide on her face.

Heartful Fruit Cake

It is a delicious treat filled with seasonal fruits and is a perfect gift for friends’ birthdays. Its delightful taste will give you a delicious taste that is hard to resist. Its Heart Shape Beauty will enchant the receiver. You can never go wrong with this heart shaped fruit cake.

So, these were some fabolous heart shaped cakes for your friend’s birthday. Choose one of these and get it delivered right at her doorsteps. Enjoy!