Sunday, 17 Jan 2021

Big win in the courts of appeal for Alejandro Mendieta

As much as 2020 had a bag full of shocks and surprises for us, Alejandro Mendieta, a 34 year old successful entrepreneur never fails to surprise us. Over the past few years, he has gone through a number of challenges and setbacks due to media trials so much so being portrayed as a Columbian playboy. However, he has managed to emerge victorious after his big win from the three year long legal battle.

2020- A Rollercoaster

2020 has definitely been an unforgettable year with unexpected events taking place from wild forest fires to the world going into a lockdown due to a global pandemic, Covid-19. While it may not have been a great year for many, but for Alejandro it has been a game changer.

With the world going into a lockdown, many small, medium and large businesses suffered as a result of it, however, for Alejandro, his business saw no signs of slowing down, instead reached greater heights. In fact, he very well stuck to his famous quote, “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade factory.”

Tight-Scheduled Year

With economic slowdown and nations entering into recession, 2020 has been heavy for all economies, nations and businesses. But, Alejandro was smart enough to predict where money was going to move and hence he emerged out victorious. As online sales skyrocketed, his retail business grew and an increase in the price of bitcoin also made his European crypto currency exchange record hit volumes.

The Three Year Legal Battle

Not only has his business been great this year, but the icing on the cake is to finally emerge victorious from the ghastly long legal battle that he was trapped in against the Victorian Police and Australian Trade Office. While all the details regarding the case are not out in public for security reasons, however, whatever documents and informed that has been procured from under the Freedom of Information provided enough evidence of corruption on behalf of Victorian Police and the Australian Tax Office in their joint venture. As a result of this case, the public has lost trust in these Australian government departments.

It has been held by the Canberra Court, that two government departments are not to come together and cooperate against an individual or entity. The reason behind such a ruling is that in such scenarios is creates an unfair advantage and as a result, the individual or entity often suffers harassment and is denied their basic right of fair defence.

The public is quite aware of the fact that the Victorian police has been involved in a number of corruption scandals, recent one being the “Lawyer X” scandal. In this, the Victorian Police made use of a Lawyer X who was a well-known criminal barrister as an illegal informant so as to procure privileged and confidential information from the latter’s clients.

Such incidents which displays corruption on the part of the Victorian Police has shown them in a very poor light and has created quite a bad image of them in the public’s eye. An anti-corruption police task was created and while they did provide some kind of relief, however, it is very unlikely for the public to have trust on them. It is high time the Australian government should do something about this, otherwise the public will definitely lose all faith on them.

Looking Forward

In one of his recent interviews, Alejandro has expressed his dismay and disappointment for the harassment and brutality that he suffered as a result of media and media trials in Australia, the police and tax office. The astonishing and saddening fact is that none of them have been held accountable for the trauma they caused to him.

When asked what was he planning to do next, Alejandro replied that he is planning move overseas as soon as the Australian borders are opened. He added that while Australia is a great country, but it is only so as long as you are not rich. The moment you become rich, they don’t let you enjoy the benefits reaped from your hard labour.


This isn’t the first time that a rich businessman or millionaire is moving away from Australia and opting to stay in other countries like Singapore, where they are welcomed with warm hugs and not questioned at every stance. As long as Australia continues to be hard on millionaires and billionaires, you will hardly see them settling in the country.

It is indeed saddening that not even one billionaire from another country has opted to stay in Australia and instead chosen some other country. Till the time the Australian doesn’t undergo a change, the reality will be same and we won’t be far away from a declared socialist country.

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