Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Category: Fashion

Tips for Fixing Damaged Hair

Recovering from damaged hair is a long process. Inch by inch, you often just must wait for it to grow out and trim it away. If your hair isn’t too far gone, there are a few things you can do to salvage your locks before too much damage is done. Seek Professional Help If you […]

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Caring for Your Heirloom Jewelry Across the Years

Owning heirloom jewelry can be exciting and anxiety-provoking all at once. Some pieces look extremely fragile and may seem difficult to clean. Whether someone gifted you the new accessory or you purchased it, knowing how to best look after your jewelry will keep it (and you) looking good for years to come. Know What Your […]

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So, I’ve been a jammy get this week and had a pretty lucky day on Monday. If you follow Dave Lackie on twitter (beauty editor) not only will you learn something new beauty-wise every day, but you’ll have also noticed that he does the BEST giveaways EVER. Anyway, last week he was working with Lancome […]

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