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Famous Cars in Movies and TV Shows

Throughout the history of film and television, there have been some iconic cars that have made their way to Hollywood. Here are some of the most famous cars that have been featured in movies and TV shows. 

When you’re looking for your next new car, consider taking some inspiration from some of these famous cars from movies and TV shows.

Volkswagen Beetle in The Love Bug

If you’re considering looking for a new Volkswagen for sale, why not take inspiration from one of the best-known Volkswagen Beetles of all time? The 1963 model features in The Love Bug features a gorgeous white exterior with red and blue racing stripes and the number 53 on it.

Known as “Herbie” in the movie, the car is one of the most well-known in pop culture history. In fact, it’s so well-known that it spanned six different movies, including 2005’s Herbie: Fully Loaded, starring Lindsay Lohan.

Lincoln Futura in the Batman Series

From the movies and TV shows to the silly take on a holiday song, everybody knows at least something about the Batmobile in the Batman series. First appearing in the 1939 Detective Comic #27, it was a simple red car. However, it received a big upgrade when the Batman TV series was released in 1966.

The improvement was based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura. It included fins that were meant to resemble bat wings as well as dark black paint, red lines, and the Batman logo on the hood. The fictional model had a variety of technologically advanced features, including chain slicers, rockets, a police speaker, and an atomic turbine engine. 

Buick Roadmaster in Rain Man

Rain Man is one of the most iconic movies of all time and happens to feature an excellent car as well. The movie, which starred Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, features a 1949 Buick Roadmaster.

Throughout the movie, the facts presented about the car are all true. it has a straight-eight engine, which means that its cylinders form a straight line instead of being angled in a V shape. Two different cars were used during filming, one of which Duston Hoffman owned and eventually auctioned off. 

Ford Shelby GT500KR in Knight Rider

This list would only be complete with a mention of KITT from Knight Rider. The show, which started in 1982 and starred David Hasselhoff and Patricia McPherson, featured Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT). The bulletproof car was souped up and talked to its partner while fighting for justice.

The Ford Shelby GT500KR came into play during the 2008 reboot of Knight Rider. In reality, the vehicle had a supercharged V-8 engine, 540 horsepower, a 90-degree DOHC, and 6,250 RPM. All that power meant it could go from 0-60 in just over four seconds. 

Plymouth Fury in Christine

When it comes to killer cars, Christine had killer style. The 1983 horror movie based on a novel by Stephen King featured a cherry red 1958 Plymouth Fury as its main character. The movie actually used more than 20 of these cars while filming. Truly a classic, one of the cars used in the movie sold for nearly $200,000 in 2015. 

From the Big Screen to Your Driveway

Whether you’re looking for something to use as a daily driver or you want something as souped up as some of these famous cars in movies and TV shows, head to your nearby dealer to find your dream car!