Friday, 19 Jul 2024

How Apps Have Made Dry Cleaning Even Easier

Dry cleaning has always been pretty time efficient when it comes to cleaning clothes. The toughest stains that conventional washers can’t handle can be removed in a fraction of the time on your end. All you have to do is drop them off. The only real inefficiency with dry cleaning is getting to and from the locations. Now, dry cleaning mobile phone software has an answer for that problem.

You Can Check the Progress

Apps for your smartphone can let you monitor the progress on your order. You can check the progress on cleaning as well as when you can expect it to be finished so you can go pick it up. If you’re getting it delivered, you can even track the progress of the driver and their estimated time of arrival. This way you never have to wonder about what’s going on with your order.

They Can Help With Delivery Routes

For drivers who are delivering your clothes, the biggest obstacle is traffic. Now, apps can plot a real time path to help drivers navigate construction, traffic jams and shortcuts to help them deliver your clothes to you as soon as possible. Think of it as like uber but for dry cleaning.

You Can Keep the Receipts

dry cleaning consumers worst nightmare is losing their ticket before they can pick up their clothes. This makes it really difficult for the cleaners to locate your clothes is the maze of other orders. Apps eliminate that tragic phenomenon. You can keep your records on your phone and bring it to to your cleaners so they can know where to look.

Dry cleaning is easier than ever. With the touch of your finger you can track your delivery and secure your in-person pickups. Control everything from the cloud and make the experience even more time efficient.