Sunday, 16 Jun 2024

How to ship your gold safely

People own gold for various reasons and in various forms. It could in the form of jewellery and other trinkets or it could be in the form of gold bars, coins or ingots. Gold is a valuable asset when you decide to sell your gold you want it to be done in a safe and secure way. You can liquidate your gold by selling to a local buyer or an online gold dealer. These days, the number of online gold dealers has been growing because the internet offers a convenient and safe way to sell gold anywhere. You are no longer limited to your immediate surroundings but you can explore what other gold buyers mail have to offer. If you are going to use an online mail-in gold buyer, it would be in your best interest to make sure the best way to package and ship your gold. 

What does your gold weigh? 

When shipping your gold, shipping companies might require you to pay insurance based on how much your package weighs. The size and weight of your gold items will determine the type of shipping container you should use. Most people will ship items that will fit into your standard-sized packaging. No need for armored vehicles to securely deliver your gold, unless you are transporting tons of gold from one place to another. 

Package your gold safely

A lot of shipping carriers will require an extra layer of packaging. A double walled box works. You also should make sure that there is nothing on the packaging that makes it easy for anyone to guess the content of your packaging. Make sure the contents don’t rattle when the package is being moved around. Do not put anything outside the box that shows what is inside the box. Make sure that the seams of the box are secured with strong tape.

Purchase Insurance

When shipping your gold buyers mail, get some insurance for them.  You can purchase insurance from the carrier or you can get a third party carrier insurance. There are companies that specialize in ensuring precious metals. 


Make sure you can trust your shipping company


The carrier that you choose should issue you with a tracking number to ensure your packages get sent where they need to go to safely and securely.  Companies like FedEx or UPS ship packages 24/7, so there won’t be any delays. They can come to your home to pick your packages up. So, you really don’t have to be driving around to find the ideal shipping company. 

Ensure that your items are delivered to the right person

 You need to make sure that the details of the intended recipient a clear on the packaging and waybill. The shipping carrier will insist on a signature acknowledging that the intended party has received what was sent to him. Time is also important. You need you trust that your mail carrier will be able to deliver your gold anytime. If the carrier promises overnight delivery then you shouldn’t have problems with buyers receiving the gold 24 to 48 hours after it’s been sent.