Monday, 22 Apr 2024

How Will You Find the Backlinks of Your Competitor?

Finding those websites that are connecting to your rivals already who are running a similar business to yours is one of the simplest strategies to create backlinks to your website.

According to the theory, there is a strong likelihood that a website that links to your competitors will link back also to your website. It is possible that your rivals are doing better compared to you or are challenging you for first place.

Whether they are performing better or worse makes no difference. Consider the volume of traffic they must be experiencing. You can actually track the backlinks of your rivals to increase the number of links pointing to your website.

You may seek the services of Linkascope to get a backlinks Checker so that you can monitor the backlinks.

How to find the backlinks of your competitors?

Identify your competitors

Finding your competitors is the first stage in the backlink competitive analysis procedure. You can analyse two primary categories of competitors.

  • Search competitors: Having the same keywords as yours
  • Traditional competitors: Dealing with similar products/ services

Although there may be some overlap, your search competition will frequently appear different from your traditional competitors. Make their list to start with.

Find websites that are linking already to your competitors

Using a link-intersect tool is the greatest way to discover websites that are linked to your rivals already. A link-intersect tool locates websites that now link to your competition but not to your website by analysing the backlink profiles of numerous competitors.

The rationale behind this is that there is a significant likelihood that a website that links to several of your rivals will also link to your website.

Monitor in real-time new competitor backlinks

Monitoring the live backlinks of competitors is one of the most popular methods for looking for new backlink chances. Doing this has two key advantages:

  • You may immediately target those similar websites for backlinks to remain competitive in the search results.
  • You can monitor current link building as well as digital PR initiatives to determine what is working for your competition.

Monitor in real-time competitor brand mentions

Monitoring competitor brand mentions is a terrific technique to find extra prospects for backlinks to your website. Any time the brand of one of your competitors is mentioned online, that is a competitor brand mention. You can target websites for brand publicity by keeping an eye on which websites are covering your competition.

We advise using the following two tools to keep track of mentions of your competitors’ brands:

  • Buzzsumo
  • Google Alerts

Turn any mention of a brand into backlinks

Turn these into your backlinks. .you may also use the backlinks Services from Busy Fox.

  • Make a list of the opposition.
  • Whenever possible, look to see if your company name is mentioned.
  • Take some time to look into the context of how your competition is mentioned on their website if your brand is not listed there.
  • A post that mentions several rivals may present a wonderful opportunity for you

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