Wednesday, 29 May 2024


So, I’ve been a jammy get this week and had a pretty lucky day on Monday. If you follow Dave Lackie on twitter (beauty editor) not only will you learn something new beauty-wise every day, but you’ll have also noticed that he does the BEST giveaways EVER. Anyway, last week he was working with Lancome and giveaway these amazing bundles every day, and I was lucky enough to be announced as a winner on Monday (after telling my friend all day how much I needed to win this competition). He shipped it all the way from Canada and it arrived within two days which I was completely amazed by.

I haven’t had a chance to try out every product yet, but the ones I have tried are now firmly in my daily skincare routine – and the makeup is just to die for! The lifting and firming cream has given itself a firm spot in my skincare routine already, after just two days. The cream is really thick and goes a long way (which I love about it!) and it feels super silky and lovely on application, and it really leaves a nice soft finish to your skin. It’s too soon to tell about the ‘lifting and firming’, and I’m only 20, not 50 and hiding behind oversized Ray-Ban Sunglasses, so I probably won’t see massive changes. The high potency daily moisturizing cream is another awesome product here. I have oily skin so I’m not one to moisturize too often, but this is so light and fluffy that I don’t think it would increase my oiliness at all, and so far, it hasn’t. Currently stroking my soft-as-a-baby’s-bottom face post-application. I’m yet to use the replenishing cream, but if the reviews are anything to go by, then it looks like this is one amazing product. All I’ve seen and heard is ‘plumping’, ‘healthy skin’, ‘can’t live without it’ and for the price tag, I should hope so! – Plus, it smells INCREDIBLE.

I was mega excited to try this mini palette. I gave myself a lovely smoky eye using the bronze-brown, the apricot-gold and the matte brown next to the golden shade and I loved it. In all honesty, I really think these are even more pigmented than Mac’s eyeshadows (and this is coming for a serious Mac lover!). The only slight disappointment with this was that the bronzey/brown shade comes out super dark on me, which was a surprise, but now I know, it will be so much easier to work with. I do think that close to £40 is super expensive for this kind of thing, but the quality is just so amazing, that if you were to fork out you’d soon forget about that hole in your purse! The swatch above is the first time I’ve used this product; I haven’t tried it on my lips yet, but I think just from the swatch the colour is great with my skin tone. I’m not usually one for a shimmer (and I must admit I didn’t expect it) but I’m pretty excited to wear it for the first time. It does seem pretty sure though, which is another new for me (I’m definitely one for deep, bold shades) but I think it will be really pretty on and I’m trying to get into some nude shades. The peach pink tones are just beautiful!

Now this product is the holy grail of everything. It may say ‘dark spot corrector’ but it is so much more. I’ve been using this for two days, and I’m a sufferer of redness around my nose area and what d’ya know? I have even skin right now. I would definitely recommend visiting a Lancome counter and getting a 7-day sample just to see for yourself because it really is nice. It feels quite soothing post-application as well. Everytime I apply I sit and smile about how great my face feels. I really do believe it’s an ‘airbrush in a bottle’ type product and i’ll be asking Santa for another bottle so I can be sure to never run out!  One little squirt will cover your whole face (that little pea right there sorted me out!) If you have uneven skin tone, dark spots, scarring or just any form of blemishes I would really recommend this product. It’s a whopping £70, but as I say, it’s a pretty awesome miracle worker!