Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Online casino games with live dealer

Internet casinos have numerous advantages over land-based casinos. These ensured that the number of visitors to casinos decreased. But you could only experience the right atmosphere in real casinos, that was simply not possible in internet casinos. With Vuetec, the first provider of live casino games came onto the market in 2002 , which instead of software with a random generator transferred the live game from a real casino and which you could participate in from home.

Live casino games at a glance

  • Live roulette
  • Live blackjack
  • Live baccarat
  • Live poker
  • Live monopoly
  • Live Sic Bo

However, the quality of the video stream was still bad. At that time, the bandwidths that would allow HD streaming were not yet available. But the game wasn’t really appealing either, the cameras were mostly attached to the ceiling somewhere and communication with the croupiers was impossible. Live games, which are widespread today and no longer take place in a casino, but are streamed from a studio, developed from this problem. Everything in these has been optimized for transmission to the network – from cameras and gaming tables to larger cards. It is now also possible to write a message to the dealers and they will be able to answer you via a micro. The games become much livelier and more fun.Vuetec has nothing to do with any of this. The currently undisputed oneEvolution Gaming is the market leader for live casino games with the lucks casino bonus code. Recently, the Playtech Live Casino has even offered a live slot with

Tips for playing in online casinos

Much has been written on the internet about tips and tricks, and all of the strategies for safe profits are just bullshit. I would like to limit myself to general tips that do not revolve around individual games, but rather deal with the game in the casino itself.

See the game as a leisure activity

For over 80% of the gamblers surveyed, the first motivation for the game is the goal of winning money. I don’t think this high percentage surprises anyone, but in a casino you won’t be able to win in the long term unless you win a really big jackpot. Rather than seeing the money, you should see the casino game as a hobby where you are willing to invest a certain amount of money in entertainment. Instead of spending € 50 in the disco on the weekend, you can also use this money for games of chance and maybe even win something.

Set yourself a budget

As with any other leisure activity, ask yourself beforehand how much you are willing to spend on it. In games of chance, this can happen faster than you think and you quickly lose the feeling of how much you have already spent and won. Therefore, it is advisable to set a budget before playing that you simply stick to. Responsible play is a basic requirement for long-term gaming fun.

Use the right bonus offers

Nowadays almost all casinos offer a welcome bonus, which reward your first deposit with a real money bonus . You can play more with this additional credit , but you can only withdraw the bonus amount from your player account once a certain amount has been wagered in real money games. You should pay attention to the various online casino games in the offers, which, apart from slot machines, often only contribute to a certain proportion of sales. If you mainly want to play roulette, you should only take advantage of a bonus that has not excluded roulette from the bonus conditions.