Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Painting Nails and Your Options To Make Your Fingers Look Good

Painting nails is second nature to some. Others are just starting or still find it difficult. That is why we have collected the best nail polish tips so that you will never have trouble repainting your nails.

Three steps are all that is required

If you are painting your nails, it is best if you do this in 3 steps. First, you start by dipping the brush into the nail polish bottle and applying a decent amount of nail polish to the brush. You further know that the polish does the majority of the work. You let the nail polish run over the nail and guide it, as it were, with the brush. Starting at the base of your nail, move your brush to the left, then the right, then the center.

Always use a base coat.

It will take you a little extra time, but it gives the colored nail polish an excellent foundation to which it can bond well. It also ensures that the nail polish lasts for several days and further prevents unsightly stains on your nails.

Reuse your old brush to trim the edges of your nails

We’ve all stained outside of the lines at some point, but if you’re doing this with nail polish, you’ll want to correct it ASAP. So dip an old brush in nail polish remover and wipe it around the nail bed to properly clean up the edges.

Find the correct white color.

White nail polish is trendy at the moment. Many women use it, but there are different shades of white that all create a different look. When choosing white nail polish, make sure that the formula is thick and creamy so that it does not spread too quickly and will adhere well to the nail surface. To make sure the mixture is even, take the brush and sweep it against the inside towards the bottle’s top. If the lacquer is opaque against the inside of the bottle, it is not pigmented enough.

  • Stay away from quick-drying nail polish. This dries too quickly and can be very difficult to remove.
  • Use cuticle oil. This oil moisturizes your nails immediately after applying nail polish and will keep them supple and healthy. It also helps against dehydration.
  • Apply thin, not thick layers of nail polish. Every time you will have your nails, it is advisable to apply at least three thin layers. This ensures faster drying and helps keep the layer nice and taut.

Store the paint in a cool, dry, and dark place, such as the refrigerator. Storing the nail polish in the refrigerator will help make the formula last longer. Heat and sunlight can change the thickness and color of the paint.

Thin nail polish that is too thick with thinner. You can buy thinner online or at the nail salon and ensures that gel polish, for example, is more comfortable to spread. This will also provide faster drying and thus less wasted time.Never cut your cuticles. This is not healthy and can cause them to be irreparably damaged.


Only remove the skins from a hanging nail. This is the only time you need to reach for cuticle nippers.Loose sheets are inevitable, even if you use a moisturizer often, and unfortunately, the only way toget rid of them is to cut them.

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