Monday, 22 Apr 2024

Putting Your Home’s Best Face Forward

Whether your house is several decades old or only a year, the way it looks from the street matters. Known as “curb appeal,” its appearance says a lot about how well you’ve maintained it, especially to visitors and buyers. Even among the DIY-minded, sometimes the home’s exterior plays second fiddle to the interior when it comes to upgrades. Here are some tips to boost your house’s curb appeal.

Wash It Down

Pressure washing the exterior goes a long way to giving your property a lift. The environment and nearby construction can leave your house coated in a layer of dirt that detracts from its appearance. Depending on the size of your home and your comfort level for DIY projects, you can hire pros who can get the job done quickly or you can attempt it yourself. You may find that you don’t need to paint after a good clean.

Upgrade Hardware

From the shutters surrounding your windows to the address numbers, the hardware and fixtures also impact your house’s appearance. Rusted, faded and damaged fixtures make your place look old and run-down. Consider making some easy, inexpensive upgrades to bring your residence into the present. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or swapping out old fixtures, you’ll be surprised at the impact. This is also an opportunity to add a personal touch. You might like an address or last name sign from a provider of custom aluminum fabrication Houston TX.

Throw Some Shade

Trees, shrubbery and other plants add to your home’s curb appeal. In some cases, they also help increase property value. Even some potted plants and flowers can kick things up several notches. In addition to regular lawn care, new plants take your house from drab to fab. Look for plants that thrive in your area with low maintenance.

Taking care of the entire home means including its exterior. You want your house to look well-kept. Consider these easy and generally affordable ways for top-notch curb appeal.