Friday, 19 Jul 2024

The Finer Options in Making of Garden Building

Do you set up on your own, do you opt for telecommuting, do you need a work area, isolated from the rest of the house? Unless it is impossible to find a place in the house. Create your office in the garden.

Set up an office in the garden

It’s decided, you are going to settle in your garden to work. No need to travel miles, take public transport and waste hours in traffic jams. It will suffice to walk a few meters to isolate yourself and enjoy an office installation in the garden worthy of the name.

It is indeed more and more common and facilitated by specialized companies: to create an office in your garden easily, without major works and often in eco-construction.

How to build an office in your garden? What are the steps to build an office in your garden? When should we submit a work request or a building permit? What is the average price of a garden desk?

Find out how to do this and soon take advantage of a comfortable installation at the bottom of the garden for working or tele-working. You can check this site and have the best looks.

Install an office in your garden, know everything

You need a place to work from home, but all possibilities having been considered, it is not possible to find a worthy place to work in peace? No extension possible, the attic cannot be converted or already are, only the garden remains which offers a little space.

You dream of this dedicated place where you could work and even receive clients while remaining professional. It is indeed difficult to actually cut your home away from an office without separate access.

To make it right, a new office in the garden that you could access directly without going through the house, that would be just as good. Let’s see what can be done today.

Why build an office in the garden?

Because sometimes, the office in the living room or bedroom is not enough to work efficiently. Because customers cannot always be received in a bar or a space rented for the occasion. Because children cannot always apply the “shh. Mom or dad is working”.

Because quite simply the need to cut, to get work is necessary every day and if you don’t stop you, you never log out. ¬†There are many reasons, but if you fancy a clean place to work, the garden desk is one of the simplest.

On the budget side, prices can vary from single to double but you have to count for a fully equipped garden office , isolated and supplied with electricity and heating:

  • 10,000 euros for 5 m2
  • 20,000 to 30,000 euros for 20 m2 on average

Know that there are possibilities for a garden office to assemble yourself but requiring an investment on your part: almost 3 whole weeks to assemble a complete project yourself.