Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Tips for Snowmobile Maintenance

So you’ve tried snowmobiling for the first time over the winter and fell so in love with it that you immediately bought one. But now winter’s over, which means winter sports season is over–including snowmobiling.

Now you have to keep it in storage but you’re worried that it might be damaged from being kept inside unused for so long. Given how much a snowmobile costs, having it damaged while in storage is the last thing you want to happen. 

To prevent that scenario, here are some helpful tips you can use for snowmobile maintenance. 

Wash Your Snowmobile Clean Before Storing

One of the more common mistakes that owners of Ontario snowmobiles commit is that they store their units without cleaning them first. This is precisely one of the easiest ways to make sure that your snowmobile gets rust and corrosion while in storage. 

Give it a good wash first to remove the dust and grime, and other things that could have gotten stuck in its crevices. Wash away any gas spills or leaks as well to remove any hazardous materials on the surface.

Before stowing it in storage, make sure that the sled is completely dried off so that it doesn’t get rusty. 

Stow Properly

Don’t just park your snowmobile in storage. Ideally, you should keep its track raised off the ground. Also, make sure to unhook the torsion springs, as well as keep the rest of the body elevated. Remember, some components of your snowmobile are made of lighter materials like vinyl and plastic, which are definitely prone to wear and tear over time.

Keep your unit in a clean, dry location, and have a cover ready to put over it for an added layer of protection. 

Schedule for Maintenance and Repair

Don’t wait until winter rolls in again before you check the condition of your snowmobile. If you want to be able to get back on your snowmobile as soon as the first snow falls, then you need to get it ready even earlier than that. Set a schedule for repair at least a season ahead to get things repaired as needed.