Monday, 22 Jul 2024

Tips to Stay Sober

It is possible to stay sober after alcohol addiction treatment. Statistics show that 33 percent of the addicts who have undergone treatment remain sober and have no signs after a year. Tanks to facilities like Skyward Treatment center, addicts have a better chance of staying free from addiction. While relapse cases are still high, there is still great hope that many addicts on the recovery journey are willing to do the work.

What makes it Possible to Stay Sober for Longer?

It takes a lot to stay sober and free from alcoholism. Generally, you must get enough support, follow a relapse prevention plan, focus on self-care, and remain committed to healthy lifestyles. It can be scary and overwhelming just thinking about staying sober. It is best to consider it as a long-term goal and tackle it a day at a time. With such an approach, sober living after battling addiction is manageable.

Take a Day at a Time

Sober living cannot be rushed. Doing so may lead to exhaustion and overwhelming feelings. Long-term sobriety requires step-by-step action. Start with the detox, and follow through with the different treatment phases. Note that each step you take brings you closer to your sobriety goal.

Is it Possible to Stay Sober without Sober Living?

The easiest and surest way to stay sober is to be committed to a sober living facility. However, this is not always a guarantee or possibility since life must move on. Even at that, you can only stay at a sober living facility for 90 days to reap maximum benefits.

This is the average recommended duration. However, some people may need more time to prepare themselves for the real world. However, no matter the duration, time will elapse, and recovering addicts must face the world’s reality.

Sober living centers are suitable for those not confident about transitioning to the real world immediately after treatment. The sober living environments prepare you for the challenges you are likely to face even after treatment. It also equips addicts with the relevant coping techniques that make it possible for them to win in this journey.

Must you Follow AA to remain sober?

AA is great, but it is not the only way to regain sobriety. However, it is one of the most supportive ways to maintain your journey. Other support groups like NA – Narcotics synonymous are also great for those who struggle with other substance abuse besides alcohol.

However, such support groups are excellent, and the 12-step programs may work for some addicts. However, they are not for everyone. Some recovering addicts are turned off by these groups and will prefer exploring other options. It is better to consider the different options and settle for what works best. Instead, don’t force a plan but focus on ensuring the recovering addict leads a healthy and happy life. Priority should be on their wellness no matter the path they choose to follow to maintain their sobriety.

Working with reliable facilities such as Skyward center is a step in the right direction. They will suggest the best options based on your treatment outcome. Trust us to help you figure things out.