Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Types of Curtains

Curtains are an important part of our house decor.  They provide decor, style and are quite functional. There are lots of types and varieties of curtains that are available in the market. When you go to buy them it gets so confusing which one to buy and what is what. Curtains are usually available in different lengths and fabrics. Make sure to compare their styles according to pleat styles; because the structure of pleat affects the way curtains hang on rod and how it looks on windows.  Here is a guide for you about some types and designs of curtains which might be helpful for you in future curtain buying.

Pleated Curtains:

It is the most selected traditional choice for curtains. Pleated curtains are available in different varieties like

Tailored or pinch pleat curtains

These are the most widely used forms of curtains. These types of curtains are pinched at the top after the stitching process. These types of curtains give an elegant and formal look to the place. If more pleats are added than it might give a fuller look.

Pleats in box

These curtains have pleats in box shape. Pleats curtains are mostly the full length curtains. It is one of them. The fold runs deep and goes across the full length of fabric. These types of curtains look good in lounges and dining rooms due to their full tailored look.

Curtains with goblet pleat
These curtains are best used for decoration purposes. They have delicate pleats. They can only be used in frames so best for the windows but not the windows where curtains are in much more use. So this type is best for formal rooms with high ceilings.

Thinner pleat curtains

Also it is named as pencil pleat curtains. These curtains are usually installed on rods and are very less formal than other types of pleat curtains. So they can be used in living rooms or bedrooms.


Valance is a type of short curtain. They are usually hung at the top of curtains or can also hang separately. Basically Valance may complete the look of any curtain. It is also called as optional decoration addition. If there are blinders on windows Valance can give a beautiful additional look to the style.

Grommet or eyelet Curtains:

These are the modern style curtains. Open rings which are known as grommets are used to support it. These rings provide you with ease to move the curtains. Eyelet curtains are also called the best choice for the bedrooms.

Rod-pocket curtains:

These curtains are very light in weight and much more casual in styles. Installing these curtains is quite easy as you can just slip the rod through the pocket in the curtain fabric. These curtains are usually paired along with a second layer of curtains. Their panels are thinner and tighter fit then other curtain rods. These can serve best in casual decoration.

There are lots of varieties make sure to select the one that suits your house.