Friday, 19 Jul 2024

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Pink Papered German Shepherds?

When you and your family are ready to add a beloved dog to your home and your breed research leads you to decide that a German Shepherd is a fine fit, you may wonder where to begin when it comes to finding a puppy. Finding a reputable breeder is an effective first step, and working with a breeder or kennel that issues pups with pink papers can help ensure the health and vitality of the puppy you choose, as there are several advantages to these German-imported dogs. 

A Traceable Lineage 

Because German Shepards issued pink papers are born and bred in Germany from a certified breeder, it is easier to trace their lineage. You can access information about not only a puppy’s parents but additional ancestry as well. These pups’ parents are also German-born and you can discover information about the line’s health, longevity and other issues that may concern you. 

Fewer Health Problems 

Pink papered German Shepards imported from Germany are bred with health and quality in mind so the puppies tend to have fewer health problems that are sometimes common to dogs bred by inexperienced or backyard breeders. One of the most common problems is hip dysplasia, which causes weak or unstable hip joints that can cripple even young dogs and puppies. This problem is chronic among the breed and hip dysplasia treatment is often time-consuming and costly without any guarantee that the dog may recover fully. Choosing a pink papered german shepherd puppy can eliminate concerns regarding this issue. 

Supervised Breeding 

Because excellent breeding standards improve the likelihood of healthy puppies, those issued pink papers can provide you with peace of mind because the breeding takes place under the supervision of a breed warden. This ensures that any breeder upholds the standards during the process and may supervise the litter in the first weeks as well. 

German-imported puppies also make fine candidates for show and human assistance training. Regular veterinarian visits and vaccinations can also help support the health of your dog during its first year.