Wednesday, 29 May 2024

What You Need to Know About Well Water

Having a private well supplying your property’s water can have many advantages, including lower utility costs and potential health benefits. However, well water does come with several considerations you’ll want to take into account before buying a property whose water comes from a well or installing a new well.


Private wells are comprised of interconnected systems, all of which must be well-maintained to promote the efficiency and safety of your well. If any of the systems are compromised – whether it be broken pumps or clogged pipes – you’ll want to know who to call when you need well repairs Naples FL.

A damaged well is not only inefficient but potentially dangerous as well. Make sure you know the signs of a well whose structural integrity is suffering and call professionals to inspect it as soon as you suspect something might be wrong.

Treatment and Testing

Well water isn’t treated the same way as water from municipal sources. While natural filtration does occur, it is possible for well water to become contaminated by toxic minerals, chemicals, and pathogens. When installing a new well or purchasing a property with an existing well, you’ll want to think about what your treatment plan will be to keep you healthy.

In addition to developing a treatment plan and system, you’ll need to conduct regular testing to ensure that your treatments are working. If you suspect your water has been contaminated, do not drink it; use bottled water until you have the chance to have it properly disinfected.

Dissolved Materials

Well water is more likely to contain dissolved minerals than municipally-supplied water. Because of this, homes utilizing well water will want to use a water softener. Well water that hasn’t been treated with a softener can taste and smell different from treated water and is more likely to leave stains in places like showers and toilets, especially if the water has high iron content.

Well water is a safe and self-sufficient alternative to municipal water, but be sure you understand these facets of well upkeep to ensure the efficiency and safety of your well system.