Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Why Setting Up An In-house PCB Manufacturing Unit Is Not A Good Idea?

Electronic manufacturing companies are totally dependent on their PCB manufacturing companies. Their production cycle will run smoothly only when there is adequate stock of fully assembled PCBs. If the PCB manufacturer delays then the entire production cycle could come to a standstill. Further to that electronic device manufacturing companies constantly face price hikes. As PCBs are the most crucial component in any electronic device, they will just have to cope with the price hikes.

All the above factors make the electronic equipment manufacturing companies think at least once whether they should set up their own PCB fabrication unit to take care of their ongoing needs. Initially, this might look like a very good idea but only when you actually go ahead to implement this idea, you will know the challenges and you will also learn that after all, this is not the best way to go forward.

When you setup your own PCB manufacturing unit, you will have to first invest heavily on the required equipment. You will have to understand that the PCB manufacturing industry is a fast evolving industry. Even if you go for the latest equipment available in the industry at the time of setting up your PCB fabrication facility, within a few years the equipment you had invested in would become outdated and you will need to reinvest in new set of equipment. This will be an unending series of episodes. In other words, you will spend a lot of money in equipping your PCB fabrication unit.

It does not stop with huge investments but it also goes further to eat a lot of your time. Managing a PCB manufacturing company is not all that easy on a day to day basis. You need to find the right talents, go through a rigorous recruitment drive, retain them and deal with attrition in that wing and so on. Further to that, you will have to micromanage the entire process on a daily basis to ensure that your PCB manufacturing unit is delivering at an optimum rate. This could divert all your attention and focus to PCB manufacturing process instead of product development. Down the line, you will realize that procuring your PCBs from a third party manufacturer is lot more cost effective when compared to setting up a PCB manufacturing section, investing heavily and managing it on a daily basis. Before you rush to take any steps along these lines, you need to carefully review all these factors into account so that you make a well-informed decision.

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