Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Why Some Dogs Never Have Fleas 

Any dog parent knows too well that fleas can be a menace. Most dog owners prepare for flea season and get ready to deal with them. However, this does not have to be the case. It is possible for your dogs not to have fleas at all.

Feeding them with good quality raw pet food from companies such as Houston Raw Pet food is one trick. However, there are other things you can do to ensure your dog stays away from the fleas that many other dogs suffer from.

5 tips to Keep your Dog Flea-Free

Many people hardly believe that some dogs never have fleas. This does not mean they never get attacked, but the fleas never stick every time. If you try a few natural preventive methods, it is possible to move from the thinking that fleas are unavoidable when you have dogs.

Switch to Raw Foods and Add Garlic

Fleas are not into the idea of raw-fed dogs. This may be a traditional observation, but it is true. Raw-fed dogs rarely have fleas on them. Processed dog foods are highly attractive to fleas because they are repacked with sugar and cause dogs to have a strong odor and poor skin/ coat. These are not traits that raw-fed dogs have, so they will not attract fleas as much as the other dogs

However, not all dogs that are on raw diets repel fleas. So what is the difference? Well, the secret is garlic. While there is a lot of misconception about the use of garlic in a dog’s diet, it is just what makes a huge difference. Adding garlic in the right amounts makes a huge difference. Some benefits of doing this include:

  • Garlic is a natural antiseptic, antifungal, bug repellent, and antiparasitic
  • Garlic is an immune booster
  • Garlic has cancer-fighting properties
  • Garlic is a natural detox
  • Garlic supports cardiac health
  • Garlic supports cognitive and guts health
  • Garlic minimizes inflammation

Use natural flea repellents.

Several repellent products are natural and safe for your dogs. Besides repelling fleas, they also repel mosquitos which is a win-win. Invest in quality products.

Groom Your Dogs Regularly

Making sure your dog never accumulates dirt or smells is a sure proof against these fleas. Minimize the chances of attracting the fleas, and they will stay away from the dog. Bath your dogs and use shampoos and other grooming products that are safe for them.

Clean their kennel

It is only sensible to clean the room the dogs live in after bathing. This ensures that no fleas will be waiting for the dogs after they have been groomed. Maintain high hygiene standards for your dogs to remain healthy and clean.

Avoid Dog Packs

Minimize your trips to dog packs or use necessary measures to repel the fleas. Remember that many other dogs are out there whose owners are not as careful as you are.

Fortunately, a good raw dog diet is one of the best ways to minimize fleas from sticking. 

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