Sunday, 16 Jun 2024

Bedroom door: which door model to use in the bedroom?


Each environment in a house requires the choice of a different type of door, and in the case of the rooms the most used are the drawing board doors, because these are options with greater durability and better price. Another reason for being the most used is due to the weight (they are lighter) and the beauty of the material that has smooth options and friezes that are the most used by architects. This type of HDB bedroom door can be found in three categories, each with its advantages and must be chosen according to your financial conditions and taste.

Hollow Door

The hollow drawing board doors are the most fragile and lightest, they are produced with layers of cardboard covered with wood. This is the cheapest option on the market and so it can be very attractive, but its biggest problem is in terms of durability, as it is a low quality material, it is subject to damage in its integrity with time of use. Hollow doors also do not offer sound or thermal insulation, which can be a problem in houses with many people or where rooms are very close and very cold.

Semi-solid door

The semi-solid doors are produced with wooden sheets on the inside and also covered with wood. This model offers greater resistance and greater durability than the hollow option, because inside there are no sheets of cardboard but wood that is much more resistant. Even though it is a slightly more expensive option than the hollow one, the semi-solid door offers better cost benefit since it requires less care and more time of use, with them the risk of damage by time and pests is much less.

Solid Door

The solid doors are manufactured from pressed wood veneer sheets and therefore are the most durable, heaviest option on the market and also the most expensive. This option has less chance of being damaged, is more resistant and has the best acoustic and thermal insulation, but on the other hand they are more expensive and heavier compared to semi-solid doors. The choice of placing a solid door in the rooms will depend on the budget of the work and the cost of the investment will rise because they are doors with a higher value. 

Room Door Finishes

There are several types of finishes for a bedroom door.

Melamine Coating

It is a special resin paint finish that makes the door look homogeneous. The melamine coating is being used more and more in bedroom doors and has excellent quality and resistance against scratches.


Varnish is the most used finish on bedroom doors. There are several types of varnishes that leave the door in the desired shade. The varnish has the advantage of a more affordable price and ease of application.


The bedroom door can also be painted in the desired color. Generally, the most used color is white, which makes the door look very elegant. In some cases, special paints such as “lacquering” are used.