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Everything You Need To Know About Gynecomastia

How much do you know about a condition called gynecomastia? This condition cases breast tissue to swell up in men and boys, making your breasts bigger than they should be. Often times it happens because of the imbalance of hormones.

There are different ways to treat the condition, depending on your individual case. If you are interested, you could check out the best gynecomastia surgery in Sydney by ICCM to see what you can expect, or simply schedule a consultation with your doctor.


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What is Gynecomastia?

This is a condition that will make breasts larger in men and boys. Breasts do not develop in men the same way they do in women, but everyone is born with a small amount of breast tissue. Due to hormonal imbalances, those breast tissues can swell up, and thus case your breasts to appear bigger.

Usually, boy’s bodies will make testosterone hormone, which is what guides them through puberty. However, males also produce estrogen, which is the hormone that guides women through puberty. As men go through puberty, or when older men’s body starts making less testosterone, the balance of two hormones can be thrown off.

How does it happen?

Hormonal imbalances can be very difficult to trace to the root, because they can be caused by a number of things. If you are interested in knowing more about this condition, it is always better to talk to your doctor. However, there are some usual causes of gynecomastia, and they include the following:

  • Liver disease.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Some cancers.
  • Medications for a number of illnesses.
  • Injury or diseases that affect testicles.
  • Thyroid problems.

When boys are just born, it is natural for them to have gynecomastia, because they will briefly have hormones from their mother in their body. However, this is something that should go away on its own, and if it is still a concern, just talk to your doctor. Having a consultation is a sure way to learn more about the condition and what you can expect.

There are different treatments for gynecomastia, including breast reduction surgery, which falls under breast augmentation and other surgeries such as professional fat transfer breast augmentation in Sydney at ICCM. If you are interested in your options and what kind of a treatment could give you the best results, you should definitely talk to your doctor about this.


Gynecomastia can cause a lot of self-esteem issues

Final word

It is important that you get educated on a condition that you have, and you also need a proper checkup. Your doctor will schedule a consultation for you, where he will examine your body to see whether you have gynecomastia or not. In case you do, do not be alarmed. There are many different treatment options that you could have, and in most cases the condition can go away on its own.