Monday, 22 Jul 2024

How To Care for Your Septic System

If you’ve just moved to the country, you now have a septic tank instead of city services. All the water you use goes into a tank where it’s filtered and purified before it goes back into the ground. What you might not know is that you should be doing certain things to care for your septic system.

Conserve Your Water

Conserving water is probably something you already know a thing or two about but with a septic tank, you’ll become an expert. Your septic depends on you not overloading it with water, so no long showers or tons of laundry! Installing a low-flow toilet and showerhead helps save even more.

Schedule Routine Pumping

Pumping is a requirement for septic tanks and you can usually go about 3-5 years between each pumping. If you call your local septic tank Orlando company, they’ll put you on a convenient schedule so you never forget. Pumping is inexpensive and they’ll inspect your tank at the same time.

Watch What Goes in the Drain

When you have a septic tank, you can’t just put anything down the drain. Although septics are efficient, pipes can easily clog if you put food down the sink. You must also never put diapers or wipes down the toilet, and never use drain liquid or cleaners.

Care for Your Drain Field

The water you use eventually ends up in a drain field where it sits and purifies. You should know exactly where this field is located and if not, ask for a map. Always keep an eye on this spot and if it ever floods or emits a foul odor, call your septic company immediately.

Septic tanks are designed to work very well, but they depend on your diligence. Always watch your water usage, don’t put anything down the drain and have it pumped on schedule.