Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Boating Can Make You Happy

If you’ve ever been boating, you may remember how happy or peaceful you felt. You are not alone. Many people feel less anxiety and more enjoyment while on a boat. Even science backs up this point of view. Here are a few thoughts on why boating is a good thing to do.

Get Away From It All

For many people, there is inherent joy in getting away from normal life. Unless you are a fisherman who goes out on the water daily, you likely appreciate the feeling of taking some time off from your daily duties. Because boating takes you away from the land you are used to being on, it can help you feel even more separated from the cares of everyday life.

Enjoy Some Exercise

Moving around on a boat, whether while you’re getting it prepared to go out or while on the water gives you a different kind of exercise than you do every day. You will use muscles you may not use often or you may simply be doing more than usual if you have a fairly sedentary lifestyle. You may be going up and down stairs or ladders if your boat has multiple levels. Even doing things such as checking your marine plumbing parts supplies to be sure everything is in working order can be less stressful than your day job.

Relish the Quiet

It’s amazing how much your body is affected by what’s going on around you and what your brain is noticing. When out on the water, many people feel like their health improves and their stress levels are reduced.

Take Your Mind off the Ordinary

Scientists have touted the benefits of being on the water. Not only do you feel more connected to nature, but you are also likely to feel more relaxed and ready to have fun. It’s been shown that certain neurochemicals are released in the brain when people see water that help with overall wellness.

Don’t Do Anything

When your boat is sitting in the water, doing nothing, you have time given to you to think about things in a low-stimulus environment. When you don’t have to think about your next task or assignment, you have more time to think abstractly about yourself or others. You may find that you think more creatively.

Being on the water is a great way to reduce stress and enjoy life. Take time for wellness and go boating!