Monday, 22 Apr 2024

PS5 and What Are the Best Things you Can Find there

The PS4 is a great device that is also doing very well so far. Games look beautiful and the console is certainly loved in the gaming industry. We expect the same from the PS5, because otherwise why would we get the next-gen console? The details of the next-gen console were revealed last week, which are very impressive. The PS5 is often compared to the next-gen Xbox Series X, but what are the changes compared to the PS4? We have listed these for you.


The specifications of the PS5 are innovative and a huge improvement on the PS4. The PS4 already brought us beautiful graphics in great games; the PS5 raises the bar even higher. We have listed the PS4 and PS5 specifications for you to compare them well. In the playstation 5 review also you will have the details available.

Loading screens

The PS5 takes only 0.8 seconds to load a world, while the PS4 Pro takes a whopping eight seconds for the exact same world. The SSD of the PS5 is that much faster. The working memory of the PS5 also promises to be a lot more extensive than that of its predecessor. The new PS5 hardware comes with improved graphics rendering speeds, which is made possible not only by the SSD, but also by a faster CPU and GPU.


The PS5 has support for 3D audio with Sony’s Tempest Engine. With the Tempest Engine, PlayStation 5 plans to create the feeling of really being in the middle of the game by boosting every sound. How the user experiences audio can be stimulated by an acoustic environment of the player. The Tempest Engine is a redesigned AMD GPU compute unit, which relies solely on DMA transfers; much like the PlayStation 3’s CPU was back then. So the PS5 not only improves on speed, updates graphics and adds more computing power, but also provides groundbreaking audio to make your gaming experience as authentic as possible.


The PS5 will provide improvements in every area compared to its predecessor. How that will only translate into the price tag is still the question. The PlayStation 4 cost 400 euros at launch, but it will probably be difficult for Sony to match, let alone beat that price. Let’s hope we don’t get too poor by buying a PS5. As soon as the price of the console becomes known, you will of course read it with us, but until then you can visit our overview with all the PS5 news so far for everything around the nex-gen console. If you go for ps5 vs ps4 here also, you will surely find the gap in the price.

New detail about the PS5 is good news for PS4 users

It seems as if the people at Sony understand how to enthuse the fans. Every other week there is a new detail of the PlayStation 5 that is revealed. So again, Sony came with good news for the people who can’t wait to purchase the PS5.

PS5 Community

That we had to wait a while for the PS5 is old news. Only there are weekly news about the console out. Where previously the extremely fast loading time of the PS5 and gaming in 8k was announced, now is the time for the community. Because not everyone buys a PS5 right away, they have thought creatively how they can still connect everyone with each other. And they succeeded quite well. As a PS5 user you can game online against PS4 users.

If you have a Playstation 4 and do not intend to pay the full price for the new console, you can still game against these gentlemen. So that is fun when you play against your mate on the PS 5 FIFA on the PS4. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how this works. The developers will provide more clarity on this; most likely it will come again next week because they can create hype at Sony.