Wednesday, 29 May 2024

How To Protect Your Sewer System

Virtually every homeowner has faced the dreaded backup of a sewer system. Whether it’s a clogged toilet or sink, or something more extensive like an issue with your main sewer line, you want to do your best to avoid problems. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help prevent problems before they start.

Use Enzymes

When most people think of clogged sewer lines, they think of harsh, corrosive liquids they pour down their pipes. These liquids are not only terrible for the environment, but they are terrible for your sewer system and do more harm than good. Over time, they eat away at your pipes and destroy them, potentially leading to you needing a complete sewer replacement Los Angeles CA. Instead, set an alarm to use enzymes once a month in your drains. They are just as effective as stronger chemical drain cleaners and are usually more cost-effective.

Flush Mindfully

It might not make sense, but flushable wipes are not actually flushable. They don’t break down as quickly or as well as toilet paper, and they can quickly clog your pipes. Additionally, you should never flush feminine products of any kind. Instead, wrap them in tissue and throw them away. Furthermore, if you usually use the toilet to get rid of leftovers, you should stop immediately. A good rule of thumb is that only toilet paper and human waste should ever be flushed. Everything else goes into the garbage.

Remove Greenery

Trees, shrubs, and bushes are beautiful additions to any home. But, they could cause major damage to your sewer system. If they are too close to the sewer line, they can make maintenance difficult and might even grow right through the pipe, eventually destroying it. Remove any large trees within 100 feet from the sewer line and any bushes or shrubs at least 20 feet from the line.