Monday, 22 Apr 2024

Carpet or hardwood flooring

There was a time when the floors were dull, and carpets were the only thing used to beautify the room surface. But now scenarios are different interior decorators, and creative minds have changed the definition of the floor. Now it is a beautiful layer of a surface on which you walk and base to decorate your things. Innovations synthetic product entrance as a flooring material has given it a boost, which many would not have expected.

Floors are no doubt in the market, but that never meant carpets are out of the league. Both of them are popular in the market, and still, a significant amount of people prefer carpets over expensive floorings. Should you choose a rug or a particular flooring type is a continuous fight going on in you when you are up for major renovation? Hardwood floors are the most preferred choice for flooring. That’s why there is always a discussion about which one to select and which one to leave. Your heart might go for a beautiful carpet, but the head leads towards hardwood and its evergreen grace. This guide here will elaborate on a brief set of pros and cons of each item, i.e., carpet or hardwood flooring. That might give you a clear picture of future selection.

Resistance Factor

  • Hardwood: Hardwood floors are resistant to UV light rays. It is an excellent choice as heat resistance and floors remain more refreshing in the summer season. Heavy foot traffic is also not an issue for hardwood flooring. Hardwood is reliable and robust and immune to scratches or mild damages.
  • Carpet: Carpet is an excellent choice to reduce foot noises. People tend to install carpets in stairs and corridors upstairs, particularly in a home with kids. Carpet is a heat insulator and keeps your floor warm in the winter season. Rugs are available in different types according to material, and few of them can stay against UV light rays, but mostly, the colors and fibers get damaged from constant light.

Water resistance:

  • Hardwood: Wood is prone to humidity and mold and not the right choice for a place with a wet climate. But now the wood is available with a laminated surface, and if you apply the sealant on the subfloor before hardwood, that will boost its life.
  • Carpet: Synthetic carpets are resistant to water slip but again careful before installing; if you are going to install it on hardwood, it is better to install a carpet pad with humid control properties for the durability of the carpet.

Color and designs Factor:

  • Hardwood: Hardwood is available in different types, and planks are many different designs on their planks. Oak gets along with every kind of floor and lifestyle; it is available in many graceful and elegant woody colors like grey, brown, etc.
  • Carpet: Carpets are versatile much more than hardwood; they are available in different colors, designs, and types. But not every style matches your decorations and color scheme, so you may have to select wisely what goes best with your room.

Cleaning and care factor:

  • Hardwood:
  • Hardwood floors are an easy to clean and stain-resistant type of surface. A pure vacuum or damp cloth on stains keeps the cover look new for a long time. Maintenance is also not a significant issue as wood is a robust material, but if there is a crack or considerable damage; you might need to change it, causing a hefty
  • Carpet: Carpets are easy to clean, but stains don’t leave its surface smooth. Sometimes they might soak into its fiber and damage it. So you might be extra careful and try to remove stains on a quick basis.


  • Hardwood is much more durable than carpets without any doubt. Wood can stay as long as 100 years, and carpet lives are maximum a decade or two.

* Abstract:

Both hardwood and carpet have their pros and cons, and there is no hard and fast rule which dictates that you can’t install both things together. You can opt for rugs and carpets for some particular place and keep your rest place without any covering. That’s why you can enjoy the benefits of wood and carpets all together for long years.