Sunday, 21 Apr 2024

EMT Career Success Tips

Many people dream of working in the medical profession, and many of those people may begin or pursue a career as an emergency medical technician. However, success in this career requires more than completing a Texas EMT course and passing a national exam and criminal background check. This career requires constant education.

Corporate Policies and Procedures

Every healthcare facility or service provider is different, and they have different policies and procedures. For example, as an EMT, you may experience different dead-on-the-scene and vehicle maintenance and organization policies. It is your responsibility to learn and follow these policies. When everyone is working from the same playbook, the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole team improves.  

Corporate Culture

Although you walk into your company with knowledge under your belt, your education cannot prepare you for all that you will face at work. Your coworkers went through the same process you are, and they understand that you still need to learn a lot on the job. They are there to help you if you will let them.

Understand your new company’s culture. Respect your colleagues and work to prove yourself and your value to them. Take time to get to know them before and after your shift. Be open to what they want to share with you.


You will be with at least one additional person for a significant portion of your day and week. Be supportive of that person. You are going through the same challenges, missed meals and bathroom breaks and lack of sleep.

Be willing to go the extra mile and help others on your team. Spend time checking your vehicle to ensure it is fully stocked and organized, and do your chores without complaint.

Your team members may perform their jobs differently than you do. Learn why and be willing to try things their way. Keep your communication open and honest.

EMTs have important, stressful jobs. Getting along well with your coworkers will build the entire team up. That’s how you will find the greatest success.