Wednesday, 29 May 2024


Although marijuana can be used as an addictive drug and can be abused, marijuana has been proven to possess some chemicals that are useful for medical purposes, cannabis consultant and researchers have conducted so much research on marijuana and how its uses can help humans medically. Many researchers have come out to say that cannabis can be used to treat and manage cancer and turmoil.

What is cancer? Cancer is a disease that causes the uncontrollable division between cells, this can result in abnormal cell growth in the body system and this could destroy the immunity system, some cell growth may be rapid and visible while some take time to develop, cancer can also cause some other fatal impairment in the body. There are a lot of people, with cancer across the united states, and the world as a whole, many of them are in hospitals where they are been treated and some are in their various homes receiving treatments based on how critical their cases are. Cancer if not discovered very early can be fatal and could cause a lot of harm to victims and their families. The most popular type of cancer known is breast cancer but there are other types of cancers like brain tumor, leukemia, cervical cancer, etc. There are different causes of cancer and different methods of managing the disease, one of the known causes of cancer are heavy consumption of tobacco, tobacco is a consumable substance which is consumed by adults and teenagers all over the globe, although there are several warnings, adverts and public awareness that informs people on the danger in high consumption of tobacco/ Cigarette yet there seems to be a surge in its consumption annually. In various publications and articles, some cannabis experts and cannabis consultants have tried to establish the fact that the act of making cigarette that is very cancerous and harmful to human health is legal and very accessible to the public and on the other hand making cannabis which is known to be medicinal illegal and inaccessible to the public in some states is very hypocritical and unacceptable.  

Mostly, surgery and chemotherapy are used to treat cancer patients, these two treatments are very costly and could cause patients lots of pains, there has been a lot of medical research on the use of cannabis as a cure for cancer that has come out positive and more researches are still ongoing on this, for further proves. The use of cannabinoids to cure cancer would be far better and easier because patients will no longer need to go through the pains of undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy. Governments in various states should however support cannabis researchers and cannabis consultants by making it easier for them to work with cannabis for medical research purposes so as to be able to establish the clinical usefulness of cannabis treatment for diseases.