Wednesday, 29 May 2024

How Golf Carts Differ from Low-Speed Vehicles?

Mostly, people consider a golf cart and other low-speed vehicles to be same, but there are quite a few differences between them. Before we discuss their differences, you must understand that any golf cart can easily be converted and used as a low-speed vehicle.

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Low-speed vehicle

There are 3 basic criteria decided by the federal government that must be fulfilled to meet the criteria to be called a low-speed vehicle.

  1. It should contain 4 wheels
  2. Its maximum speed limit has to be between 20 MPH and 25 MPH.
  3. Its total weight, which including passenger, cargo, and the vehicle must not be above 2,500 pounds.

Usually, low-speed vehicles are meant for hunting, ground keeping, meter maids, yard work, as well as campus security. The majority of low-speed vehicles will be extremely low in weight. They can carry a maximum of up to six passengers along with cargo and will remain under the prescribed weight limit. Due to this reason, they can offer an excellent mileage.

Low-speed vehicles are nowadays becoming quite popular among people who are very environmentally conscious and prefer smaller carbon footprints. Those families who have used both a Low-speed Vehicle and also a regular car have seen that they could have a reduction of 23% in their carbon dioxide emissions.

Since most of the LSVs are electric driven, which can also run up to thirty miles when they are fully charged. So, this can always satisfy the driving needs of the majority of drivers.

Golf cart

Legally, a golf cart will be meant for the use of golf players who will be using such vehicle that is only meant for a golf course usage and people should drive only up to the maximum speed of up to 20 MPH.

Usually, golf carts that arrive straight out of the factory are not legal to run on the street. That is because there are no safety components fitted in a golf cart, which are generally outfitted on any low-speed vehicles, and that makes them legal.

Those who want to drive their golf carts on the public road have to convert the golf cart so that it can meet all the legal requirements. As an example, your low-speed vehicles will have fewer safety features like seat belts, headlights, turn signals, and windshield wipers, etc.

Besides, all low-speed vehicles which you want to drive on any road will need proper registration. The driver will need a valid driving license, registration, as well as vehicle insurance.

Despite that, a golf cart is considered a motorized vehicle. Irrespective of whether it is legal or not, while driving golf carts on the public street, drinking alcohol is not allowed. You can always be penalized if you ever found drunk.