Monday, 22 Apr 2024

Hygiene Mistakes To Avoid In The Bathroom


Although the bathroom looks clean at first glance, some areas are often forgotten when cleaning the bathroom but when it concerns a repair, plumbing services like climate control experts plumbing  scan take care of the repair. Wet towels or a discolored shower curtain: These things can quickly make your bathroom look unhygienic.

1: Leave The Toilet Lid Open

it is known that every time the toilet is flushed, the so-called aerosol is released. These tiny drops of toilet water float around the room burst randomly, and the bacteria they contain are distributed in this way. That is not necessarily a health hazard – but you still do not want the droplets to settle on the toothbrush.

2: Store Beauty Utensils Openly

Brushes and sponges lying around not only look messy they are also quite unhygienic. Because the toilet water drops can also be deposited here. And you don’t want that on your face.

3: Neglecting The Joints

The grout in the bathroom is particularly prone to mold because of the moisture and heat after showering. That looks disgusting and is terrible for the airways in the long run. So don’t forget to clean the joints the next time you clean your bathroom. Soda, soda, and whiting chalk are suitable as home remedies. If the joints are very dirty, only a special cleaner can help.

To avoid black, moldy joints in the first place, it is essential to ventilate regularly and remove bathroom tiles after showering.

4: Do Not Change Towels Regularly

In the bathroom, moisture and heat meet: this is the ideal environment for bacteria that can multiply carefree with the shower’s steam. So always hang your towels on the heater and always keep them dry, because only then bacteria have no chance. Also, always have a guest towel handy so that your visitor does not have to dry their hands on the body towel.

5: Dirty Toilet Brush

Over time, the bristles of the plastic brush change color, and the dirt sticks to it. That looks disgusting and is also highly unhygienic. So remember to clean and change the toilet brush regularly.

6: Do Not Wash The Shower Curtain Regularly

The shower curtain is often overlooked or neglected when cleaning the bathroom. If you notice yellow edges at the bottom of the curtain, brownish discoloration from soap residue, or even mold stains, then it is high time for a thorough cleaning. Find out how to do it very quickly here!

7: Forgetting The Back And The Outside

When cleaning the bathroom, it goes without saying that you scrub the inside of the toilet and sink. But have you also thought of the back and the outside? Because here, you will find limescale deposits and residues of toothpaste or urine on closer inspection. In the case of emergency service or repair, invite a professional.